A Call to Action

Pursuing your dream is the secret to creating the changes you want to see in your life, but first you have to dare to dream. This book challenges you to do just that.

Valerie’s message to the reader is simple – Refuse to allow people, fears or circumstances to dictate what’s possible for you and to keep you from going after your dreams.

Why? Because your dream matters.

Is it great when people believe in you? Absolutely.
Do you want the support of friends and loved ones? Without a doubt.

However, if they doubt (and they might),
and if they tell you you can’t (and some will),
even when “they” is really you (and it often is),

She dares you to do it anyway.
Unapologetically Dare to Dream,
then Dare to Pursue your dreams.

Because you can.
Because you must.
Because why not.

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